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2007 The Gray Goose
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The Gray Goose.

2007 Forester STI - The Grey Goose by Pam_Cakes_KY, on Flickr

Greetings fellow Nasiocers,

My name is Pamela. I am sometimes called Pam, Pam_Cakes or Tunergirl. I am a member to multiple forums including Nasioc,, and several other forums. I’m not the most active poster (my hubby Brian/Tuned200 usually beats me to it) but I’m always lurking, reading, learning and setting up meets.

I'm holding a regional drive Cincy area AWD cruise for the boobs to support Scoobies for Boobies! If you are in the Cincy are feel free to sign up and help support the cause.

Life as we know it includes our 2007 Subaru Forester XT AKA the Gray Goose. The date was December 31, 2007, when we were out browsing our local dealer’s lots looking at the new Subaru’s. We had previously purchased a 2005 Legacy GT from this dealer about 18 months prior and have a long history with our salesman. At the time I was driving a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4X4 and I was just not that happy with the Pathy. With the intentions of purchasing another Subaru we set out to look at Forester models. Our LGT was equipped with a manual trans and the thought was to buy a Forester XT Auto trans and leave it stock as it would be our “family hauler”. How wrong were we...

After joining we started looking at mods for the Goose. Within the first 30 days of ownership we had swapped out the OEM cat-back exhaust for one from a 2007 WRX STI. A nice slight rumble was noticed and the mod bug bit! The hubby and I were started looking at mods to make the Goose as quick as our LGT. He was racing the LGT and running consistent high 12’s so this was our goal. Research began we were off to the races, as I was determined to kick his butt! Mwahahahaahhaha!!

After deciding on swapping the turbo, TMIC, turbo back exhaust and suspension we were left looking for a good tuner. We selected P&L Motorsports in Chicago. The P&L Team was very helpful and answered a lot of questions and concerns we had with the mods we were planning. At the end of the day we choose to swap the stock turbo for a brand new VF-48 with all of the goodies. The Goose was tuned conservatively at 18.5psi, and produced 275whp/270wtq on the P&L dyno. The 300+ mile ride home was a lot of fun with the newfound power! The Goose was a different machine, and now could haul ass! It was pure awsomesauce!!!

The day after the tune Brian took the Goose to the track to see what he could get out of her. After a slowish shakedown pass he brake boosted his was to a best pass of [email protected]! We both were happy that our goal of having a 12 second Forester was realized! A month or so later he talked me into racing the Goose for the first time ever. I managed to better his time and go [email protected]! After I got the racing bug it was getting too cold to race here and the tracks were all closing. A local road course was in the process of being built and several local Subaru owners were invited out for a preview day. Off we went to try our hand at road racing. The road race event was not an all-out event, but more of a 6/10’s type event. Still I had a blast and now have to get my racing on.

Fast forward to this year, the Goose and I have not competed in an official event in over a year. Yes, sometimes life gets too busy to with work raising an amazing son and taking care of my big dogs. We managed to score some free time and scheduled a trip to the Tail of the Dragon, 318 curves over 11 miles of fun. This is what I had been missing. Brian and I signed up to race in the Subaru Challenge at the Subaru Indiana plant in August. This was my first time ever participating in and autocross event and my first time in over a year being in a race type setting. We both learned a lot about the Goose that day. Mainly the suspension we just swapped in is way too soft for racing! No worries as next season we will be back with a better understanding of the limits and better suspension!

The Mod List


VF-48 turbo
Turbo XS 4” Downpipe High Flow cat and RFL cat-back
Walboro Fuel Pump
Cobb Accessport and dyno tuned
B & M Trans cooler
P&L high flow intake
Perrin turbo inlet
SPT Battery tie down
SPT oil cap
Secondary air pump system removed
Intake manifold powder coated wrinkle red

Suspension, Brakes, Wheels and Tires

JDM STI control arm
Whiteline forward control arm bushings
Whiteline caster control arm bushings
Turn in Concepts Lateral link bushings
Turn in Concepts forward and rear trailing arm bushings
Kartboy subframe lock bolts
Kartboy endlinks
Whiteline 27mm Front sway bar
Whiteline 24mm Rear sway bar
KYB GR-2 WRX specific struts
WRX STI OEM springs
Legacy GT front and rear calipers and rotors with Akebono pads
P&L stainless brake line
Superblue brake fluid
Kick ass Turn in Concepts custom alignment and rear fender roll.
Rota T2R 18x9.5 +38 in Hyperblack
245/40/18 Dunlop SP Sport 600 tires

Exterior Upgrades
Ravspec Carbon front lip
Canadian spec OEM HID headlight assemblies with working manual leveling switches
Hella off road lamps behind the Grill
2008 Forester Sports XT black tail lights
Tint to legal limits including moon roof
OEM HID headlight sprayers that have not been installed yet
Red pinstripe around front grill
Red pinstripe around rear bumper

Interior Upgrades

STI petal set
WRX Seats with OEM heaters swapped
3m Carbon Fiber wrapped console
STI shifter surround and boot
Custom made gauge mount for 60mm Defi Boost and EGT
Smoked lexan in the OEM radio location,
Clarion VX-400 DVD/ Navi unit remote mounted to the top of the dash using OEM parts
Custom made airbag monitoring LED system for passenger airbag indicator
Homelink mirror
LED underdash kit.

That is about it for what we have done to the Goose. Its been a long road and with the next round of mods planned for next year I don't see us parting ways with the Goose for many years to come!


2007 Forester STI - The Grey Goose by Pam_Cakes_KY, on Flickr


2007 Forester STI - The Grey Goose by Pam_Cakes_KY, on Flickr


2007 Forester STI - The Grey Goose by Pam_Cakes_KY, on Flickr


2007 Forester STI - The Grey Goose by Pam_Cakes_KY, on Flickr


2007 Forester STI - The Grey Goose by Pam_Cakes_KY, on Flickr


2007 Forester STI - The Grey Goose by Pam_Cakes_KY, on Flickr


2007 Forester STI - The Grey Goose by Pam_Cakes_KY, on Flickr

A huge thanks to all of the members who voted for me, as well as the competitors! The competition was top notch!

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Thank you all for the votes!

I would like to say a little something about he shops and vendors who have worked on the Goose or supplied parts along the way.

P&L Motorsports- This was our 1st encounter with a non local shop. The staff at P&L went above and beyond the call to make us feel like we were at home, suggested places to eat while in town and supplied some a kick ass tune that has been going strong for over 3 years. Paul and the staff rock it out! Tommy at WheelDude rocks. After our original wheels went on back order he stepped up and hooked us up with wheels that were better than what we had chosen and got them here fast. Wheeldude for all of your wheel needs.
Lastly but equally as important is Javier. His photo abilities are second to none. A great guy and good friend I look forward to working with in the future during my scoobiesforboobies work.

Thank you everyone.
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