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Originally Posted by cenix View Post
this is a great thread. i recently emailed cobb tuning regarding this issue before i looked through the forum. i appreciate cobb tuning's responses very much. very informative and honest.

i have a question though regarding returning the stock oem tune back to the ECU ROM. if everything is backed up properly, and the original stock tune is reflashed back, that would imply that any, if present, flash count information, would be returned back to the original number as well, correct? if this is the case, do other manufacturers that you've suggested that have this capability have a separate means built into the ECU componentry for this very purpose (ie. not stored on the flash ROM)?
Yes, manufacturers can implement a flash counter in a number of ways other than in the primary flash ROM and they can be very sneaky in doing so (making it difficult to discover ahead of time short of tearing apart one of every new year model car and reversing every sub-system).

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