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Originally Posted by cenix View Post
can you explain more about the conditions so we know more about this? was your car modified? was it flashed previously with aftermarket software? was this a used car when purchased or was it purchased originally by you? details please.
I'm the 2nd owner. I don't know how heavily the previous owner modified the vehicle, but the turbo heatshield was missing, the GBOD's were missing over the fuel injectors, etc.

I don't know what software it was tuned with originally. The ECU definitely wasn't married to an AP when I purchased it. The previous owner tried to put it back to stock and did a poor job since my exhaust bolts started snapping when I went over railroad tracks on the drive home. My guess is it was flashed back to stock since the CL/OL transition existed when I bought it.

Two weeks later after the ECU reset wore off it ran like crap. I took it to a local dealership to get the rear struts done and to see if they could find why I couldn't hit target boost. They called me a few hours later and said they aren't touching the vehicle since it had been modified and 'abused'. When I walked in I had a nice argument with the service manager who accused me of modifying the vehicle and altering the ECU software. He showed me a piece of paper (details are hazy now), but he pointed to the test they did that showed 2007 as the last time the ECU was modified, which makes sense since that's when I bought it.

At this point of my ownership I wasn't aware of any of problems as I was new to WRX's. I firmly let him know I was the 2nd owner and bought the car 3 weeks earlier. He quickly realized the 1st owner never registered with 'my Subaru''s website and became quiet. I stormed out.

I took it the next dealership two towns over and paid them over a grand to fix the problems and gave them the report the first dealership wrote up. I'm pretty sure that first service manager was fired a short time later--it's not like I was there trying to get warranty work out of them for free.
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