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I'm understanding how it works and see how it works, but when I read this

"Look at the TDI being added in at the RPM you want to achieve full boost. Add that amount to your 100% WGDC column.
9) Rinse and repeat.
a. As you do this, you will start getting a better idea of how the turbo is working and that will help you find exactly where the turbo is happiest in the RPM range. Seeing how the turbo is behaving will help you confirm the RPM you want full boost at or revise it.
b. Do this until you reach your target boost (this was set at 75% of your theoretical) at some rpm
c. Once you are hitting boost value you have in your boost map, your TDIC should start building up and your TDI should be maxed out as your spool.. Then as you hit the target boost, your TDI should drop to 0 and your TDIC should stay constant."
I get confused again because its telling me to leave that correction system in place while I'm trying to dial in my WGDC

I new to boost tuning yes, but not new to tuning as a whole so I understand where corrections come into play and why they are needed in climates where your weather changes drastically.

From what I'm reading, I'm gathering that I need to dial in my WGDC's WITHOUT any correction being done so I know what they need to be to hit a target boost and then re-enable that correction system to keep that boost stable when the air changes. With reading the guide it reads as if you are USING the correction system to reach target boost all the time since you never disable it, you only use it's numbers to add to your WGDC till you hit target and if you ask me the correction system will get you to target WELL before your WGDC table is close enough to do it on its own... Right?

My biggest issue is I have 3 different explanations as to how to tune it and none match what the guide reads, and you stated to have the WGDC at 30 and 50 and if you over boost to drop to 25 and 45, now where did you come up with the 20 split between the two tables? thats not noted anywhere and really can drive someone nuts if they can't figure out where people are getting these values from. Especially when terms used don't match any tables or pids that you can scan for your model year.

TD is a correction system to stabilize boost when air conditions change and get you to target boost when there is a drastic change in TP? simply answer that as a yes or no question.

WGDC is a range of where your wastegate needs to be for a lower gear and a higher gear to produce X boost at X RPM. Is that also right?

Right now TD is off, so why shouldn't a change done to the WGDC table directly affect my boost levels? Is there another table thats correcting for something else that I'm not aware of and isn't stated anywhere?

I feel that there is tons of knowledge on the tuning of these cars but a lot of the basics are just left out, or some of the stuff may of the advanced users just take as common knowledge isn't noted so those starting out have to dig and "ask stupid questions" to figure out whats going on, and at that point in time they just keep getting told they don't understand this or that, when really its lack of information causing their confusion.
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