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Originally Posted by the suicidal eggroll View Post
Under ideal conditions, your car would always run the initial WGDC, and TD Int and TD Pro would be 0, because your boost error would be zero. The WGDC max table is just there as a safety net to keep things from going out of control, you should never actually have to use it. You want it to be high enough where it doesn't interfere with TD Int and TD Pro as they're doing their job fixing any boost problems you might have, but you don't want it to be so high where if something goes wrong, your WGDC isn't allowed to push all the way to 100 and cause a huge boost spike. Your WGDC max table should never actually be used for tuning, just as a safety net.

Without per-gear WGDC compensations, I would probably tune the initial WGDC table in 3rd or 4th, and let the turbo dynamics modifiers do their job in the other gears.
That helps in explaining my boost levels in different gears... But I can only assume that I would have to tune my WGDC max table higher if I'm not reaching target boost but hitting that max level right? Or the other way, overboosting and the WGDC is below that Max number.

Once again maybe It's terms I'm lost at again...

My map has

Initial WGDC
MAX WGD Limit Post-Compensation
Initial/Max WGD Compensation IAT
Initial/Max WGD Compensation ECT
Initial/Max WGD Compensation Atm. Pressure

When you say Max WGDC shouldn't be tuned, which table from the above are you referring to? Your statment of that contradicts what Bad Noodle said about changing from 30-50 down to 25-45.

Both the Initial and Max WGDC tables say that wastegate compensation tables are applied to those values, so in my map I'm guessing MAX WGDC is not as high as it can go. But the Max WGD Limit table is the one that does that.
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