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Originally Posted by AB-737 View Post
That helps in explaining my boost levels in different gears... But I can only assume that I would have to tune my WGDC max table higher if I'm not reaching target boost but hitting that max level right? Or the other way, overboosting and the WGDC is below that Max number.

Once again maybe It's terms I'm lost at again...

My map has

Initial WGDC
MAX WGD Limit Post-Compensation
Initial/Max WGD Compensation IAT
Initial/Max WGD Compensation ECT
Initial/Max WGD Compensation Atm. Pressure

When you say Max WGDC shouldn't be tuned, which table from the above are you referring to? Your statment of that contradicts what Bad Noodle said about changing from 30-50 down to 25-45.

Both the Initial and Max WGDC tables say that wastegate compensation tables are applied to those values, so in my map I'm guessing MAX WGDC is not as high as it can go. But the Max WGD Limit table is the one that does that.
Both of the max tables are safety nets, Max WGDC and Max WGDC Limit Post-Compensation. Max WGDC is a lower level safety net that's directly tied to your initial table, and is modified by your compensations just like the initial table. Max WGDC Limit Post-Compensation is more of a "Thor's Hammer" global limit on WGDC, regardless of anything.

I find the "Max WGDC" table is more useful as your safety net, while "Max WGDC Limit Post-Compensation" is more useful as a tool to globally limit your WGDC for doing special tests. For example, if you wanted to check your boost with no boost control system, all you need to do is change the single value in Max WGDC Limit Post-Comp to 0, that's it. If you want to limit boost for some reason, but not necessarily drop all the way to spring pressure, you can just set your Post-Comp Limit to say 20, or 30. Say you change your MAF housing, and you want to re-tune your MAF scaling, but you don't want to jump straight into full boost in case your scaling is not perfect right off the bat. You don't have to re-tune your entire boost control system every step of the way, just set your Post-Comp Limit to 0 to hold you at wastegate spring pressure, tune your MAF, turn the Post-Comp Limit to 5, tune the MAF for the new cells you're hitting, etc. You can use the Post-Comp Limit to slowly step into full boost, without having to re-tune the entire boost control system each step.
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