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2001 Outback Sport


I've had Subarus since I was 16... I'm 27 now. I got hooked on the WRX back in 93/94 and was waiting for one to buy. In 1997 I could wait no more, the 1997 Outback Sport came out with the WRX hood, I was hooked. Bought it without test driving! Of course, a few months later, the RS was announced. I started saving ~ $200 a month to save up for some performance parts, and each time I hit a milestone, I decided to wait a little longer, maybe the WRX would show "next year". I kept saving though. In Dec 2000 I bought my wife her 01 RS since I knew it was the last of the old body style. I hate the new WRX. I hate the 2.0l engine, I hate the supposed lag, I hate the look. I still LOVE the car, want one bad, but every time I think about it, I think how much more fun people with RS+turbo's are having

So now its 4 years later (48 months) and I have something over $7600 in my "performance fund" and a blank loan check worth up to $40k sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be written out to a dealer with a car... Any car, any dealer...

Can't get a WRX in time (I have until July 1st to cash this check) and I don't think I even want one. Looked at the Outback Sports, but I have an OBS now, and I'd like a bigger change (plus I hate the bubble-butt look of the new Imprezas). The Forester seems relatively untapped in America, does not LOOK fast, and may be the sleeper hit of the decade.

As long as I can make it quick, make it nimble, and make it look good, I think its a winner. Too bad its more expensive than the WRX hehe.
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