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EWG is in!

Sorry, no installed photos, but here are a few more that I took last night.

Tial MV-R 44mm EWG.

EWG Opened. 3 Springs for 1.1 bar Setting.

Note 4 grooves in diaphragm and cover to align up to 4 springs.

Here you can see how far the valve opens. Note that diaphragm would actually be held down by cover and would not lose seal.

3 springs for 1.1 bar. Quite a challenge to get the cover back on!

Mock up for photo. Note that EWG and dump tube would really be turned 90 degrees when installed in vehicle.

A few more photos:

I installed a GrimmSpeed crosspipe at the same time. Overall it really wasn't too bad, but it did take some time. I think it was between 5 and 6 hours total (uppipe, EWG, crosspipe, all work done by myself on jack stands). Since I was doing the crosspipe at the same time, I decided to take off the headers instead of pulling the turbo. To do the install I did the following:
  • Removed downpipe
  • Removed all uppipe bolts
  • Unplugged O2 sensor (located in passenger side header)
  • Removed heat shield from passenger side header
  • Removed heat shield from driver side header
  • Removed crosspipe
  • Removed passenger side header
  • Removed passenger side motor mount bolt
  • Jacked up motor ~1"
  • Removed uppipe
  • Installed GrimmSpeed uppipe
  • Loosely attached uppipe to turbo
  • Loosely attached crosspipe to driver side header
  • Loosely attached passenger side header to uppipe, crosspipe, and head
  • Tightened uppipe to header bolts
  • Tightened header to crosspipe bolts
  • Tightened header to head bolts
  • Tightened uppipe to turbo bolts
  • Tightened uppipe to motor bracket bolts
  • Installed dump tube to EWG (test fit for proper orientation)
  • Installed EWG to uppipe
  • Installed downpipe

Quite a list. No wonder it took me so long! I hit most of the bolts with PBlaster and none of them gave me much of a problem. Overall it was pretty smooth, just tedious work, especially on the ground with the car on jack stands. The hardest part was getting the EWG onto the uppipe. The V-band clamp was difficult to get into position with the limited space.

Note that I installed the dump tube onto the EWG first. I thought this was easier. I mocked up the EWG location and then oriented the dump tube so it was about one finger width, or slightly less, away from the axle. I clamped the dump tube to the EWG down tight while it was off the car. Then I bolted that whole assembly onto the uppipe.

FYI - The dump tube should come off the EWG approx parallel to the gound. Once the downpipe was on it ended up being about the same amount of clearance from the dump tube (as to the axle). For the limited amount of room, the GrimmSpeed uppipe is really a perfect fit. At least 1/2"-3/4" clearance for everything.

I backed my manual boost controller all the way out and took it for a drive. Wow, it is loud but it sounds pretty awesome! The 44mm definitely has a deep-ish tone, but is still really loud. The 1.1 bar spring setup with the MBC backed all the way out gave me a rock solid 18psi to redline. I turned it up a hair and am currently running at 20psi. It is totally rock solid. No creeping or spikes at all (approx 50F weather tonight).

With the IWG I had the MBC backed all the way out for most of my daily driving (should be 19psi). It would hold a solid 19psi when it was warm out, but when it was cooler it would hit 19psi and then creep to 23-24psi on a 2k-redline pull. If I just mashed the throttle at higher RPM it would spike to 25psi or more. The EWG has totally fixed this! I'm really glad to see rock solid boost.

Overall I'm super happy with how it turned out. The EWG sounds awesome when I get on it, but I can still be stealthy when I stay away from peak boost. The EWG will open slightly before my peak boost, but in daily driving it is very easy to avoid it opening. With the 20G it really only opens when I want it to (plenty of throttle input and higher RPM's). The fact that it seems to have completely cured my boost creep/spike issues is the best part. Hopefully I'll get a quick retune and log sometime soon to see if it free'd up any power
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