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Default Big Brakes

Basically for daily drive, your stock brakes are fine couldn't agree more! paint them if you want them to look cool...[/font][/color]
For the track?

1 lap time attack runs with cool down in between your laps, you will be good on stock set up (e.g. little/no brake fade). Granted they won't be as well balanced but you should be able to counter that if you can drive well!

lap after lap racing or spirited driving through the mountain roads for a long periods of time, on a stock brake set up you will get fade quick, meaning they will get really hot fast and your stopping power will be reduced as you continue to drive (e.g having to brake earlier and press harder to get the same slowing power in a corner). For these types of scenarios this is where a big brake kit comes in to play! it reduces fade so that you have the same braking forces corner after corner and you get little fade! If you car comes with brembos, then upgraded lines, better fluid, lighter and/or slotted (not drilled) rotors can help keep that fade down even more. But again you only need this for lap after lap constant hard on hard off extreme conditions driving.

I have had Brembos on my stock cars now for my last few cars, they came on the stock car. I will say after using brembos i will never go back to a basic stock type brake and it will influance my car purchases like the example given at the start of the post! Why? because even though they don't improve stopping distance (1000% agreed), the balance, the consistency, and the quailty of them make them feel way better under your foot and also because they are better balanced in those emergency type scenarios the car is less squirly under hard braking then a basic OE set up beacuse they are well balanced compared to a basic set up!!!

It's Brembos (or simlar) all the way for me (but only if they come stock cuz i can't afford an aftermarket big brake kit LOL)

other than that i agree with the origonal post completely!
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