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Originally Posted by express_wagon View Post
Wow really, you need to take out a lien on an at least 14 year old truck? I really hope that clean one you buy doesn't need the typical 80 baselining which tends to be another couple grand on top of the truck to make it factory fresh.
Signature loan = no lien

I don't want some piece of **** that needs several thousand in maintenance right off the bat. The one I want already has the headgasket done, PHH, and the axles have been gone through as well if I remember correctly.

I won't buy one unless it's clean and well maintained(with records).

Originally Posted by zombiekiller View Post
This. Factor in the potential front axle rebuild ( which just about all 80s need when you buy them) too.

I think my baseline and fixing on the 80 that I bought ran me a total of 3100 and change, but that's a little above and beyond the norm. I put in a 2wd kit, new shafts/birfs and had new driveshafts made with CVs instead of the stock style as mine was lifted beyond shims.
Originally Posted by express_wagon View Post
Yeah, yours is a bit more over the top than your typical front axle rebuilding which normally doesn't require new birfs ($450 each brand new). The front and rear axle job is a typical $1,200 if done by a professional. If you want to do brakes at the same time, tack on another $500 or so in rotors and pads.

Headgasket, look for another $1500 in parts and labor. Rebuilding the head is optional but that's another $300 right there if you want it perfect.

Cooling system in the 80s are old. Most owners neglect them. A full overhaul which can cost another $500 in just parts alone. This is a DIY. Not hard at all.

AC, prepare your angus. I am leaving mine broken. I ain't ready to tackle the **** show just yet.

Power steering, PHH, fan clutch, e-brake, these are also other know failures mostly because of age. Crap adds up. But once it is all sorted out, it's a great truck to own....well, besides the 12mpg.
Like I said I'm not buying the cheapest one I can find, I'm buying one that's ready to go.

I've been keeping an eye in the classifieds on mud and I've been reading everything I can. I know what to look for and I'm not going to settle on just any old truck. You guys have to realize I'm coming from german vehicles, this **** isn't new to me.
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