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Originally Posted by realplay View Post
Updated to stage 2 93 oct 310 log after 60 mile, 04 wrx dc sports DP stock intake.
Log looks fine except that you are underboosting quite a bit. Are you at altitude at all? I would give the high wastegate HWG map a try, which you can download from our map repository:

Some of your long-term fuel trims (A/F Learning 1) are borderline (around 7%). Generally, these should be +/- 5% and anything outside of +/- 8% is likely a problem, so you are kind of in-between. I would consider getting a pressure (or smoke) test done of the intake to check for leaks and continue to keep an eye on A/F Learning 1. Another thing with these cars is a MAF sensor that degrades over time and progressively reads lower and lower, but your reported airflow is reasonable, so if this is an issue, it may be borderline as well.

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