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This is a terrible primer on brakes. Complete CRAP.

It incorrectly simplifies, makes wrong assumptions, and refuses to acknowledge a glaring weakness in Subaru cars particularly those w/ the later turbo/faster cars.

If you take ANY Subaru - even the non-turbo ones - and drive it hard - the first system to fail will be the brakes. The engine will continue to accelerate, the car will continue to turn, but it won't stop.

My 2005 Outback XT had what were perhaps the WORST brakes I ever encountered on a street car. With low friction pads - ABS was irrelevant as it took both feet and a prayer to threshold the RE-92's. The brakes on that car were horrific.

On to the dissection.

First and foremost. Yes it's the tires. Your tires control the LIMIT of acceleration, deceleration, and cornering left or right. The velocity of your car is simply a vector and your tires determine the limit to how much we can alter this vector. Your brakes, in OEM form, are the only system on the car that can only apply maximum alteration to the velocity vector for a very limited number of times before the system fails. Either the pads will fade or the fluid will boil or both.

Go try it if you don't believe me.

-Your steering will get you around a turn at max cornering MANY times before the PS fluid boils or the ball joint/tie rod/damper overheats or the tires give up and fail.

-Your engine will do pass after pass at full acceleration before it overheats/starts to detonate/or whatever.

-Your OEM brakes will only threshold brake the car from speed 4-5 times if that before becoming a smoking heap of 'PM WRX brakes for good deals'. And aside from the STi - they feel like absolute crap along the way. Both feet in is NOT modulation.

In stock form - your motor can barely overwhelm the tires. So the velocity vector is not that disturbed. Accelerate all day till the motor gives up.

But in handling and braking we can certainly overwhelm the tires. So we affect a MUCH larger change to that pesky velocity vector meaning much more power is dissipated.. The difference is that in steering - the power required to change the velocity vector is dissipated in tire heat - which are much LARGER than brakes. In braking this same power is transferred DIRECTLY to your brakes. And aside from the STi they are pretty ordinary 2 piston/1 piston floating calipers w/ ordinary sized rotors and JUNK for brake pads (no noise or dust because OMG we HATE THAT).

Chapter One Ends.

Cliff Notes

This post sucks and I shall slowly dispel it and all it's myths.

Unless you have an STi - you have at best average brakes.

Of course there is more - I didn't come here to LAYUP.

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