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Originally Posted by pignoseSTI View Post
I was also lucky enough to test out these bushings and here's my review:

Parts + Install

The bushings themselves are very nice (as one would expect from TIC) They are extremely stiff, much stiffer than the stock rubber bushing and even the whiteline stx legal caster bushing that I previously used. Sorry I couldn't get a reading on the stock bushing as my durometer couldn't reach the material. The stock bushing has a fat metal center piece surrounded by a thin ring of rubber. The rubber feels about as stiff as the Whiteline bushing as I can put my fingernail in both. I can't do that with the TIC bushing at all.

Whiteline STX legal caster Bushing

TIC Bushing

Install is very straightforward. I've done the install a couple times so I did the install in about an hour. What took the longest for me was unearthing my press from the depths of my garage lol. Basically you just press out the old bushings and push these in. The 2 piece design makes it very easy to install. I pressed the TIC bushing and the tube in by hand. The bushings fit into the stock housing perfectly. The only thing I had a question about was whether or not I should leave the rubber covers from the stock bushings in when I installed it back onto the control arm. I ended up leaving them in (hope this was right) and everything seems like it's installed correctly.

Road Test

I should probably post my suspension setup so you all know what i'm working with.

JRZ RS Pros 800lb f/950lb r springs
Stock front swaybar/no rear swaybar
MSI trailing arms/TIC bushings
Group N lateral link bushings
Rear strut tower bar
Whiteline RCA
285/30/18 Yokohama AD08s for street and 285/30/18 Hoosier A6 for autox both on 18x10.5 wheels.

I know my review will be a bit different than others since I have a pretty stiff suspension, but my initial thoughts of the bushings are that they made my car ride a bit better. Not sure why this would be to be honest, but I was a little surprised by this. Maybe I was getting a little bounce from the stock rubber bushings (I noticed this change as well when I installed the MSI rear trailing arms with the TIC bushings) so these are allowing my shocks etc. to work better? Not sure but it's a welcomed change. Front feels more solid and connected to the road. NVH I noticed no change from the stock bushings, but to be honest I probably wouldn't notice much since I have quite a bit of NVH as it is. I have stiff motor/tranny mounts, loud exhaust, but all I really hear is my Bosch 044 LOL. All in all my initial verdict is good

So I finally had an opportunity to test the new front control arm rearward bushings at a local autocross. Basically what I felt on the road applies to the autox as well. Front definitely feels more solid (makes sense since these bushings are STIFF) , and turn in feels a bit improved. To me, it feels like the car will take a set a little faster than before. My co-driver concurred with my thoughts as well. I don't think I can quantify the improvement time-wise since the courses are always different, but I think these bushings are a decent improvement over stock. After all, stiffer bushings everywhere will actually make the suspension work better, or so i've been told and is also what i've noticed. These are one of the last bushings I had to replace, the only other ones would be the front control arm bushings (which I hope TIC will come out with). I'd say, short of a spherical bearing, these bushings are the best you can buy for this location to improve the feel of the car. I wouldn't hesitate to buy these TIC graphite impregnated bushings for all the bushings on the car (Oh wait I basically have haha). I can't wait to install the TIC lateral link bushings to replace my group n ones, I just wanted to install only these front control arm rearward bushings first so I could get a feel for the change of each part. Great job and thank you TIC! Now please make the frontward front control arm bushings
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