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Originally Posted by 08WhiteRex View Post
Just an FYI, i make 21 mpg on e85 and 25 on 91. That's a 16% loss. e85 is $2.999/ gal here in denver and 91 is $3.849. So, it costs 14.2 cents per mile on e85 and 15.4 cents per mile on 91. E85 also is the equivalent of 105 octane. Sounds like the better deal to me lol.

Also, 110 is approximately 32 cents per mile assuming $8/gal.

EDIT: So, I figure the difference between e85 and 100 over 500 miles, it will cost about $90 a week more to run 110 than e85.
last time i put e85 in a car it was the same as regular 85 if not a little more. 3.6* something.

Originally Posted by PCSkiBum_21 View Post
i really have been struggling to get why you are trying to argue running 110 "isn't that bad". if that's what you want to do, then go for it, but the math does not make sense, or your view of "not that bad" is very much different than mine.
i never said it was cheaper. i just said its not much more. and that small price difference for consistency in the fuel itself and availability more than makes up for it.

no scrounging for gas cans
then taking those cans 45 miles to find out the pump is broken.
then taking those cans another 60 miles to find some fuel
then packing them up and taking them to the track where if you dont bring enough then your sol. but you're a good boy scout so you're always prepared.

me, i drive a mile or less from my house or work to get fuel. go to the track and run out? they have it on pump there too.

plus it smells better and its purple. who can argue with purple.
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