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Well, since Omaha chickened out and made his skinny little 215-width tire purchase , let's DO keep this thread going for both stock and lowered wagons. It seems that certain wheel and 225-width tire combos DO rub even on stock wagons, and that info is useful to me and no dobut a few others out there. I'm STILL waiting for my 225/45 ES100s to come in (since late January) and be mounted on my P7s and shipped. I may not wait much longer though, and try something else. I'll be helping a friend with a wagon install P7s with Eagle F1 GS-D3s on his car this weekend that are 225/45, so I'll report back on that even though I assume they won't be rubbing.

So basically, I'm hijacking this thread and would like to continue hearing about rubbing issues (or no rubbing issues) from folks that have 225/45 tires on their wagons with ALL types of suspension including stock. Thus far, from what I have read, the following are true statements regarding stock-height wagons:

- With an offset of 50 or greater and a 7" wide wheel, there appear to be NO rubbing issues on a stock wagon regardless of tire, although I haven't seen a post of anyone running Falken Azenis on a 7" wide wheel with an offset of 50 or more.

- Falkens seem to be the 'widest' 225 tire

- Falkens will rub with a 48 offset, 7.5" wheel, though the rubbing is minor

- Lots of guys with wagons run Falkens.

Please feel free to confirm or deny any of the above and add your own experiences. . . .

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