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scraped on a driveway last night and cracked my bumper. only 2700 miles... such a bummer lol. the crack is on the mounting tab and runs the length of the bottom bumper. this was one of the first incidents i've ever had, i was going up the driveway fairly slow but miscalculated the angle.

used some plastic weld on the crack. i applied it on the interior of the plastic so the plastic weld was not applied directly on the painted area. same location as everyone, drivers side, right where the bumper molds out. i ordered a bayson r lip today and will do an install as soon as i get it. i found out a replacement bumper is $270 + tax but unpainted. pending how the winter goes i might get one, look for a cheap painter and have the one i have now as a spare for winter or something.

**** happens but it sucks when you have OCD like me about things like this. i'm just disappointed in the quality of bumper but i know last night was my fault.
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