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Originally Posted by Full-Race Geoff View Post
Yes - BW definitely takes a different approach than the aftermarket guys - mainly becuase they *forge* the wheel first, and then machine it... its a forging not just a chunk of billet so it is MUCH stronger with better grain boundaries, but slightly heavier due to the higher density forged alu
That was indeed my interest as what approach they have choosen to go with: use the extra material strength to make a lighter but -as strong- wheel as the cast one, OR use the stronger material to just make a much stronger wheel with equal weight.

Question then is why this approach was chosen? BW (as Garrett if I'am not mistaken) obviously felt the wheel could use the extra strength, which is a little strange from my point of view as I have never seen or heard of a compressor wheel breaking other then from injesting foreign objects?

You've spoken a lot with BW's technicians Geoff, any idea why they did not use the forged billet material for making it lighter so even faster spool could be had?
Or is it that the better aero from the billet wheel is more 'aggressive' towards the forces it puts on the wheel, hence the need to make it stronger at the same time?

Thanks in advance,
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