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2012 Impreza CVT HB


From the 190 page 2012 impresa thread:

I just drove a 2012 premium sedan demo car, with 4000 miles on it. Here's my impressions...

Steering is a bit twitchy at highway speeds, but nice in the city. Very light effort, but no slack, and no funny feeling at center (unlike the A4 I traded in on my pre-order). The CVT/torque converter jumps the car forward unless you just barely touch the throttle. It'll be no problem to get the jump on other cars at stoplights.

We had 3 BIG middle-aged people in the car, and the car accelerated to 70 mph on a short, steep on-ramp at full-throttle, well before we had to merge. Engine was thrashy and noisy doing this, unlike my wife's 2012 Outback. CVT was noisier than the 12 OB, too. 2000 rpm at 60 mph. I love the CVT's! Under slight wind, the sedan was buffeted more than I expected. May have been due to rearward weight distribution from passenger...

Suspension was very compliant over expansion joints. Not quite as smooth as the 2012 Outback. Interior was nicely quiet at all speeds, again not quite as much as the OB. Headlights were very good for being halogen. Nowhere near as good as bi-xenons, massively better than my 2000 OB. Leather seats were very comfy with good bolsters for cornering.

Plenty of legroom in the back, front seat had massive amount of legroom. 'Pleather' steering wheel -does- feel plasticy... Brakes were fine, with a bit more slack than I expected-maybe 1/4", and were not touchy at all. I didn't use them hard. *Lots* of interior room, very wide cabin with lots of headroom. It's bigger than my 2K OB!

My HB is scheduled to arrive in mid/late January, it'll be very tough to wait that long. Love the car.
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