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Default Toyota V12 in 99 Legacy sedan.

This car was originally going to receive a twin turbo Nissan VQ30 V6 that I had built a heap of custom stuff for and fitted into an E30 BMW. I needed some cash for my 2JZ 1968 Toyota Crown body restoration so sold the TT V6 stuff to a mate for his Legacy.
This is the V6 setup.

So I rolled it into the home shed and started pulling the melted subaru engine out. Dropped it completely out on saturday and dropped the Vq in but it wouldn't fit because it is the tallest engine ever built. I cut the sump and it still wouldn't fit. I cut the eyeballs out of the Xmember and it still wouldn't fit under the bonnet, like by about 100mm. I put it down to the way subaru have built there Xmember. It seems they built it to fit subaru engines rather than nissan V6's.

I thought I'd throw my Toyota V12 in there for laughs and it fitted better than the stupid V6. So then I rang the owner of the car and told him he needed a V12 instead and he said whatever, as long as it does skids.

After a bit of trial and error we figured out a Xmember/rack mounting modification that would have the least impact on steering geometry and allow the engine to fit.

Proof that the bonnet shuts.

Proof that it opens.

Acres of space in there, the std headers will even fit with a bit of fettling.

Bellhousing is enroute from Japan and will be mated to a TR6060 6MT from an LS1.
The engine will be run by a Vipec V88 or Haltech PS2000, which ever the owner wants. The manifolds will be modified to accept a pair of ford throttle bodies. I will use an electric water pump to simplify the bulky thermostat region. Will whack an R180 sti 3.545 diff and shafts in the back and see how they cope, if they fail I have an S14 rear end that is pretty easy to adapt to the Gen 3 Legacy rear suspension.
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