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Originally Posted by Taewrx View Post
so I have had this 2005 wrx for about 2 month I just recently added the AP stage 1 it has a borla exhaust and the rest is bone stock. Now i do live at 7000ft so keep that in mind when looking. now i know the ecu has to learn a new map so i drove it around a bit but i dont think it completely learned yet.
here are my data logs.

This is one starting in first through 3rd to 4th

this is a 3rd gear WOT
Your dynamic advance multiplier drops in the first log and then settles at 15 (which is also where it is at in the 2nd log). This is an indication of multiple of knock events whenever the DAM drops (except after a reflash/reset where it resets to an initial value - not the case here).

What octane map are you running and what octane gas are you putting in the car? How many miles on the car? How long have you been driving the car since you reflashed the map or installed the AccessPORT?

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