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Originally Posted by Taewrx View Post
well it was right after a reflash. I was running the ACN91 stage one v3 so i had to update it to the next version. My car has 67000 miles and i run 91 octane. I have only been driving it maybe a week on v3 and a few days on the new maps. Should I take another run since it was right after a flash and post it?
It doesn't really matter that it was soon after the reflash, at least as far as the DAM dropping. The DAM had reached max (16) and then dropped again which requires multiple knock events (or perceived knock events).

What I would do, however, is drive it for another week on the new maps and then see what your long-term fuel trims look like (A/F Learning 1 A, B, C, D). This will tell us if you have any fueling issues. Typical problems with these cars they may be reflected in the long-term fuel trims (with enough driving) are a "tired" MAF sensor, bad front o2, and/or post-MAF intake leaks.

Other issues can cause false knock where the knock sensor picks up something making noise in the engine bay. Examples would be loose turbo heatshield or broken welds on factory uppipe heatshield, among others.

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