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Originally Posted by BTomp6754 View Post
I have the same damn problem with my 09... It first occured while still under warranty so it was fixed and the dealer has a parts warranty on all their stuff so i just keep bringing it back to the dealer to get fixed for free. I def need a long term solution as well though. The last time i went in they looked around and ended up taking off my BPV and claiming that the gasket was missing causing the issue... i have personally never removed or had it removed so i highly doubt that to be true but o well. Even after the gasket under the BPV was replaced i still notice a leak but havent had a chance to bring my car back to the dealership again.
Yeah, I took it to the dealership the first time out of laziness. I almost never let dealerships or elsewhere work on my rides, but I admit I was a slacker and didn't want to jack with taking of the IC, etc.

Anyways, I took it to them telling them exactly where the problem was. After two times of them saying they fixed it and me taking them on test drives, they fixed it. The first two times they made it worse.

Two weeks after that it happened again, and I've basically been fighting it since. Between that and the driver's side blinker going crazy and them constantly 'fixing' it only to have it go rapid blink again, I've had it with the techs at the local Subaru.

A long term aftermarket solution would be great. I may just upgrade the IC in the mid-term as a solution, but don't really want to right now around the holidays.
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