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Originally Posted by TheEugeneKam View Post
Hey guys I have got a strange thing going on. I have reset my ECU using AP and flashed everything. Now 50 and over percent throttle i get jolting and check engine sign flashes then disappears. After if i try to go again more then about 20 percent throttle a few more times of that i get a solid check engine light and cruise flashing. Stage 1 93 worked fine until i decided to reset ECU by the way. I did a reflash to a different map and then back to the 93 map. All all test COBB maps. The code usually says misfire in cylinder x, generally 3.
I heard that it takes some time for the ecu to repopulate the tables or something but i dont know anything solid about this. I can rev up to red line with about 20 percent trottle and its fine but when i go harder on it (throttle) , thats when the jolting happens. Usually takes a few jolts to get the check engine flashing.

Additional info: Jolting generally stops acceleration for a split second
What do you mean by "test" Cobb maps? Do you mean our off-the-shelf maps or our maps that have been modified by someone else?

This is a 07 WRX? Can you list all your mods? What is the history of this car (repairs, maintenance, previous problems, etc)?

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