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2002 Forester 2.0 XT



With the BFM cable on my car I could only datalog with Ecuexplorer and Learning View.

After some research using the datasheets of FT232RL, the LM339 and patterns of a VAG cable, I was able to make this cable to flash & read on WRX02 and Forester 2.0 XT EDM 02 (same engine as 2002 WRX ... but with TD035) with ecuflash, after some modifications.

Some people say that BFM and VAG cable are the same, so ...

You need to:

* Separate the L line from the line K
* Attach the pin 15 to pin 9 on the OBD port
* Send 12V regulated on the plug 11 on the OBD port

* (connect green plugs each other, jump the white plug)

* The firmware of the cable does not need to be changed (TRX and DTR are not inverted)
* Install Ecuflash 1.32 with the tactrix drivers included.
* Set COM port to 4800 bps

*I run it on Seven 64.


How to:

The K and L line:

- Picture of the module before modification: red lines = front , blue lines = back side

- Picture of the module with modification to do: light blue lines = wire to cut, fuchsia lines = new wire to solder

Cutting the down line is easy: a little help with a Dremel

For the top one, I unsoldered leg of the IC and I left in the air. You must be very careful because it is very fragile.
I connected the legs with wire fairly fine (0.006 inch)

Finished, it look like that:

For the +12v regulated on the plug 11 on OBD port
Take the ground on the pin 4 or 5
take the 12v on pin 16
get a low drop regulator type LM2940 (ebay)
welding the LM2940 output on pin 11.

Rear view pinout of cable OBD :


if you want to thank me : tune my map :-)

Ecuflash 1.32 :

EDIT 2012/04/22
You can do it without the 12v regulator
More pics on this post :

if you need any more information , ask me .

Have Fun
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