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Default need assistance from REAL OpenSource Users PLEASE!!!

Hey guys, so when i first came on i was having issues with the car and they seem to be fixed, but now I'm starting to get into the tuning portion to make my mods work together and finally make me happy. I keep getting a ping and missfire (cylinder 3) on the car, when i pull one of my logs from RomRaider knock correction shows "2" @ 6psi, when i turn up the boost to 11psi it starts to show knock of "-1.5" and ping gets louder.. my tuner and i have worked with several softwares, (AEM, Motec, Hondata, Electromotive, etc) but never OpenSource. so its very different to us, all the values used are not the usual we are familiar with for instance "g/rev"..
i would like feed back from you guys that actually tune or are good and familiar with all this stuff. i have read some of the stickies here and on NASIOC, but not a lot of help with MY issues. i really want to get rid of this "ping/knock" when under boost. i went thru one specific sticky of "testes1010" where he was giving away maps and checked his RR tables, his knock reads "8" isn't that bad? i dont know, its stressing me out. i have owned the car for 5 months and i have never pushed the car over 6psi besides the times we are trying to learn this OpenSource. please any help will be good help for me. advice on the tuning and changes yall have made and maybe experienced this "pinging" and missfire issue it will all be very appreciated. sorry if i'm being so vague im typing this before meeting with the family for party...

i was told by AWD Tuning that i need to be tuned in order for ping to go away, because where i have opened up my air flow with all these exhaust upgrades that the factory timing is to aggressive for the car. thats the only info i have received from anyone. is this a fact? Thanks in advance guys!

header and up pipe
3 inch down pipe
3 inch catless exhaust
Grimm Speed EBCS
255 Whalbro furl pump
Intake short ram
AEM wideband
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