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Originally Posted by 06WRXTRacer View Post
Well this sucks.

What do you expect? The car was a 5 year partnership between Toyota and Subaru. Toyota did the concept, aero, drive line, fuel injection design and Subaru did the NA boxer, power train design. A $40-50K car can be sold to us for $20-25K with a choice between a Subaru or Toyota/Scion badge. Cost reduction is also done by reusing a lot of STI brake calipers and rotors and Toyota Prius tires

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
Toyota = Scion too. ROFL

Should be a Toyota BRZ, they're just using the niche sale factor to get attention. AWD is the shizzy =D
Should be a FT86 or GT86. As that is what the original intent of this car was. To build and improve upon the Toyota S800, 2000GT and Corolla GTS AE86. The car was benchmarked against the Cayman S in terms of handling and CG location, and weight distribution. The car was called many things and the concept was the Toyota FT86 as shown in the Gran Turismo 5 video game. It is also being sold in Japan as the GT86 under Toyota.

Subaru BRZ stands for Boxer engine, Rear-wheel drive and Zenith while Toyota FRS stands for Front Engine Rear wheel drive Sport. So no.. it shouldn't be called a Toyota BRZ because both names really mean about the same thing. Neither name came before the other. Both names came after Project 086A (obviously after Toyota Corolla AE86) and engineering code name AS1 for the chassis code. Toyota and Subaru referred to the concept car as FT86 in auto shows. This car was created from a drifting heritage, not AWD. Subaru was reluctant to do design work for this car due to the fact that it conflicts with everything they have worked for up till now.

Toyota lead the designs in aerodynamics, concept, fuel injection, interior design. I would agree that Subaru really did most of the engineering work from the high compression NA boxer engine to the suspension and driveline with double wishbone rears. However, Subaru only participated in this car due to Toyota's insisting on creating this RWD coupe as they do own 17% of Subaru. The BRZ and FT86 aren't cousins at all. They are identical twins. Everything is the same from ground up and even the interior is just a color palette change. The only differences is a difference choice of seat material (higher end for Subaru), slight difference in aero kit, and spring stiffness. While these cars will be competing with each other and the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, I believe the market will be split pretty evenly. The lower priced FRS will attract a much younger demographic and ricers, while the BRZ will strengthen the Subaru line up by a whole lot for the older guys. Hyundai would have trouble battling two fronts as this car has better handling and lighter weight, while the Genesis has been constantly regarded as being 300-400 lbs over weight. Exterior aesthetics being subjective.

Here I think is the best Subaru BRZ movie if not the best FT86 video:
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