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Originally Posted by redpanda87 View Post
Interesting concept, yet I believe this will not yield high sales. The only niche this car will appeal to is people in the market for miata's, s2k's or cars of the like. Even then, although maybe biased with my prior Honda background, I would take the higher revving, higher horsepower yielding s2k over the "BRZ."

I believe that Subaru and Toyota, may have missed the mark on this car as the loyal Subaru buyers in the sports car market. (Those whom have purchased wrx/ sti models) Will consider this car a underpowered waste of time. Heck, if I wanted a RWD car with ~200hp I would get myself an s13 and do a sr20 swap or boost the KA, or a 370z.

Mini coopers and Miata's handle like they are on rails but the majority of this community would not think about purchasing them. The Advanced AWD system coupled with the bliss of having F/I are what lure many into buying a wrx/sti.

As someone stated prior, this car will most likely have similar success as the rx-8. Meaning that, it almost lost its, "Subaru Mojo." The attractiveness of the Subaru brand has been smudged by Toyota counterparts. The rx-7 was an very attractive, high performance vehicle and when the rx-8 came out, many were disappointed with the castrated rx-8 that essentially replaced the beloved rx-7.

To each his own car is sharp and probably handles well, but I will never buy one. Hopefully an "STI" model comes out to bump its horsepower and after-market support to lure in additional buyers.
I have a feeling this car *could* be a sign of things to come from SOA in the future (i.e. more non awd vehicles and possibly less turbo vehicles). It's just a guess, but they're going to have to do something to help meet 2016 CAFE standards. Call it a smudge on Subaru's attractiveness if you want. The truth is the overwhelming vast majority of the public could care less, only the fanboys are upset.

Like other Subaru sports cars, this car will probably not yield high numbers, at least on the Subaru side (price difference could be a factor). That's if you can even call the wrx/sti a sports car. Sure they're sporty and perform great, but they're basically suped up econoboxes. The Subyota is actually a sports car from the ground up. Anyway, my guess is they'll be available on a limited bases, at least at first. Considering all the interest, hype, and good praise I'm guessing they'll have a hard time keeping them on the lot until it's been out for a while.

The only fair comparison to this car that is still in production is the rx8 and genesis imo. I have a feeling the Subyota will perform as good, if not better than the rx8 even though the power output is less, and the engine should be more reliable. One also doesn't have to deal with poor fuel economy or have to add oil regularly as the rx8 does. As for the miata and s2000 (which is no longer in production), they're both roadsters while the subyota is a hard top. A lot people don't want roadsters. Also, most people aren't going to consider buying an older car and doing an engine swap because it's a hassle.

Comparing this car to a current wrx or STI is pointless. I agree, most people that own these models aren't going to be interested in the subyota for many reasons - there are a lot of fanboys that own these cars, and many enthusiasts feel they need to move to something that's more expensive, faster, etc. for whatever reason. My guess is most people interested in the subyota won't be cross-shopping the wrx or STI.

FWIW I purchased an '06 STI brand new and owned it 4 years. I loved that car and it's easily the best car I've owned. I now have a craptastic '86 corolla gts (ae86) and couldn't be happier. I don't think the subyota is a waste of time; I actually want one. Then again, I don't feel that awd is superior, or that massive power output and/or a turbo is a necessity to have a fun car.

The bottom line is you can't always get what you want. Sometimes I feel like people would like less interesting cars to choose from vs. more.
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