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Bikelok's post above is almost dead on for my experience. I'm adding mine as I have the DWS, not the DW's, and also a different size tire. Here goes...

#1.) what tire are you offering for review (please include size)

Continental Extreme Contact DWS (225/50/16)

#2.) what is your geographic location

San Francisco Bay Area

#3.) what types of driving events if any (i.e. track, AutoX, RallyX)


#4.) percent of highway vs. city driving

80% Highway, the rest city.

#5.) your review and personal comments

I bought these to replace the ContiExtreme's in stock size (205/55/16) as they were pretty worn, and getting cracked from age. They literally lasted forever, and were STILL great in all weather to the day I got rid of them despite having little tread left. I had no doubt I'd get another set of Continentals, especially due to the lower pricing compared to other brands. I would have got the same model again, but they did not make them in the alternate size I wanted. I ended up getting the DWS's in 225/50/16 for the stock rims. All the reviews I read are definitely accurate (including Bikelok's above) in regards to the sidewall, as well as other aspects. They are not very stiff at all. Bikelok is dead on with the "break-in period". I was a little bummed when I first drove the car out of the tire shop, but after a couple thousand miles, they really shaped up! Other than that minor skepticism, these tires have been great thus far. Had them over a year, and about 20-30k miles on them already. They still look new. Handling is different from my old tires (over/understeer) but that could be just due to the size change, so I won't blame it on the sidewall for this review. Note... handling is not any better or worse than my old set, just different. In rain these tires are awesome. Never slid, even when trying in safe areas! In snow, awesome as well. Never slid once, and gripped great. The soft sidewall has not had any noticeable ill performance effects... just the look (tad bulgy against the ground). I keep them inflated to front/37psi, and rear/36psi. They are wearing perfectly even so far. UTQ rating is 540 if I remember right, so these should last quite a while, which was my deciding factor over the DW's, as I need tires to last me above all. I do rarely go to the snow as well, and read that the DW's aren't good in snow ever (due to the rubber compound in cold temps)...even with AWD. I have a family so I need to be safe. So far I'm very please with my second set of Continentals, and have recommended them to quite a few friends.

Overall, I would buy these tires again, but would prefer a shorter sidewall (so bigger wheels). If you're deciding between the DW's or DWS's, if you ever plan on going to the snow, I'd say don't get the DW's. Other than that, I'd get them for sure for better performance.
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