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Originally Posted by Str8cypherm80 View Post
sorry...coilovers are worth every penny....i love mine. they are great for any type of driving on and off tracks. the only reason people dont buy coilovers more often is because theyre costly. if given the choice, ALMOST EVERYONE would have a set lol why buy 08 wrx parts that are equally as susceptible to being blown??
I said nothing about what they are worth. Clearly you are very happy with them and that's great. It's your car, do what you want. What I said was that other than getting low, there was no NEED for a street car to have coils. The odds that you can push your car far enough to need the advantage that coils provide during normal daily driving, or even not-so-legal street driving are very small. For daily street driving there is no real advantage to a coil over a good spring/strut combo.

aftermarket coilovers>just lowering springs/oem struts any day.
Disagree. There are plenty of craptastic coilovers out there that are of much lower quality than you get with OEM parts, so that's just wrong. I suggested an 09 WRX strut, which is an upgrade from the 08 2.5i strut, isn't too expensive, and which many people run with aftermarket springs (not just "lowering" springs, but a performance spring) just fine.

springs you get minimal ride height drop at best. and possibly a blown strut.
If you want "low" then that's fine. I want the right performance for my needs, and I want something that makes $$ sense as well as performance sense. My car will never see a track, will never be "hella"-anything, and doesn't need to scrape the ground. Function AND form, with a heavy preference for function. Not buying expensive and unnecessary parts lets me spend my money where it makes more of a difference.

Maybe say "Do it well" instead.

with coilovers you receive (depending on coilover)

-32 way damper adjustment
-vast choices in ride height and camber adjustment

overall if you are going to do it, go coilovers.
Which the majority of people with coils never, ever use. If they touch them at all, most people raise it in the fall, and lower it in the spring. They use the adjustability for lowering the car, not for performance purposes.

It's cool that you are happy with your coils, but people don't need them for street performance and I'm not going to recommend that someone dive right into buying expensive parts when they may not need them.
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