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Originally Posted by 2L Monster View Post
Oh that's funny. I don't recall saying I was all high and mighty? Oh, how could I forget, you were right there next to me so you know, right? Who said I looked down on him or was being a jackass? All I did was ask for my ID back so I could get to work

You can gtfo out too

EDIT: But we're long passed this time you post, feel free to leave a comment regarding the topic.
...What was the point in even posting it then? It wasn't a funny phrase or question...

Wow...Anyway, The other day I pull in to a gas station to fill up. A guy in his early 40's walks up.

Guy: That's a nice WRX!

Me: Close! Its a Legacy with everything fully swapped from the WRX STi.

Guy: Wow you can do that!?

Me: Yeah, basically everything bolts directly on. Very little modifications involved just a lot of research.

Guy: Wow that is pretty interesting, I have always loved the WRX's but wasn't too fond of the racer image. I might actually look into this some more now.

He seemed like he knew a lot about European cars (we talked for about 10 min) and sounded like he was really looking at getting a Subaru now. I told him that the newer Legacy GT's and Forester XT's had turbos also and basically the same engines. He had no clue and thought the only turbo Subaru was a Impreza. That's what I love about owning a Subaru, I have had a lot of great conversations with people.
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