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Originally Posted by M SPEC View Post
Gentlemen, you are correct. I do not know you well and that factual information is indeed factual information. You are however missing my initial point. I am merely illustrating the issue that posts are often posted as fact when they are in reality nothing more than opinion supported by nothing more than anecdotal evidence. Let me attempt to illustrate. Our current post is regarding the issue of wheel spacers. Generally when this discussion comes up, the negatives revolve around three major issues: safety, handling and bearing life. Many contend that wheel spacers are a safety hazard, yet I have not read any such post that can quantify such a claim by sighting a spacer failure causing an accident. H&R spacers are made using high quality materials in a precise manufacturing process. Without question there are cheap e-bay models that may be of substandard material and construction and are therefore potential failure components, yet the discussion does not differentiate between the two. The proposed handling issues may be realistic, yet again the position is rarely discussed in the context of, how do you use the car, is it a daily driver or a tracker. Very few of the driving population, including those of us driving STIs and WRXs are truly capable enough to discern many handling nuances. Once again, no data is provided. I see no skid pad comparisons. No track times with spacers and without. Additionally, many of the posting naysayers are themselves driving around with heavily offset aftermarket rims. Lastly bearing life. Again I find interest in the fact that there is no difference in bearing life from those individuals that run spacers, from those that run low + offset wheels, yet this point is often missing from the discussion. Also, I have yet to see the bearing life quantified into actual numbers e.g. does a 10mm spacer reduce bearing life by 15% over the course of 40,000 miles etc. What does this all boil down to? Just a couple of key points I would like to make. First, I am not in any way attempting to cast dispersions on any posters including you that are Specialists and/or Gurus. I am only suggesting that everyone needs to take care in choosing the information one relies upon. Second, as a wise man once said, “If it can’t be expressed in numbers it’s not a fact it’s an opinion.”
Everything you're saying never gets brought up is brought up constantly. And as much as you want to feel like god, your post also points out that there are a few things on the topic that you don't quite grasp yourself (I'm specifically looking at one of your bearing wear and DD driveability comments), so I suggest you work on yourself before you hypocritically attack others. I'm not sure how the OP's question wasn't acceptably answered. He doesn't need to read Automotive Engineering volumes 1 thru 100 to get an answer to his question.

Why does there need to be a professional road test for you to believe unquestionable facts? Do I need to quantify that wheels are round and that the sky is blue? X was stated and X was a fact. If he wants a more thorough answer on why X is what it is, he can ask for details himself.
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