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WOW, must have struck a nerve!
1) “And as much as you want to feel like god” I have no idea were this is coming from. Fairly strong language to critique someone’s post.
2) “hypocritically attack others”. Not “attacking” anyone and FYI hypo means low, I think what you wanted to say was hyper.
3) “Paragraph much? Punctuation much?” I can’t seem to get this posting thing right. On one occasion I was somewhat critical on someone’s punctuation and was tersely reminded that this is a forum post and such rules don’t apply. MY BAD. And FYI I think you meant to say, “Paragraph much? Punctuate much?” but I could be mistaken.
4) “Not busting you personally, but your post is just a personal ego stroke”. Having trouble with this one. It would seem that busting personally is exactly what you are doing, or did I not see the letters p e r s o n a l on both sides of the comma.
5) “the standard is that the lug nut/bolt must ENGAGE 1/2 the diameter of the stud or hole its attached too... SO: If you add a 1/4" spacer... as long as the lug nut screws down more than 1/2 the length of the stud/hole its going into.... you are fine....” Now here is exactly what I am talking about. Real quantified information someone can understand and use. WELL DONE (at least in my opinion :-).
6) I suggest that all of you road trip to Kansas City and I will buy the beer, and we can talk Subaru. A side benefit would be that when some one “bashes” someone it could be done face to face where it has sooo much more meaning… as well as risk. (Serious about the road trip and buying the beer!!!). Have a good weekend!
Oh, one more thing, I would like to know more about this extended wheel studs vs bolt on spacers issue.
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