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Originally Posted by SleepNMnky View Post
Originally Posted by SleepNMnky
^^^Not sure what the point of this statement is.

I got rid of my Integra years ago, but I am 100% positive I had better mileage than those STILL driving a car from '97. I got 32-34 mpg on that car consistently driving it well above the mph for suggested optimum fuel economy. If I was still driving it today I wouldn't be getting as good of mileage considering all cars I've driven close to 200k miles have gone down MPG wise near the end of my time with the car. I wasn't lying about the mileage I got.

I was making a point that on a car that didn't sell based on advertised MPG & that I beat to **** & raced around in it got great #s & on a car I bought because of their advertised MPG I'm driving it conservatively & have yet to hit the city MPG.

GFY... still POINTLESS to me. I don't care what people still driving them get. I got better mileage when I drove mine... years ago.

Sure you did... You got FIFTY percent better mileage while racing around, when people who are actually, you know, logging their data on a website are trying to get better mileage while pussyfooting it.

And on top of that, you have absolutely no clue (per your own admission) why a heavier, AWD, near-zero emissions car drinking E10 would get worse mileage than the Integra. GFY? How about taking a critical-thinking course, instead of spending time learning TLA's?
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