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Let's see how that EVO is running with 100k miles on it after doing the mods. Crank walk????? I wouldn't take the chance. You know how good the 3 dimond name plate is for reliability.........(cough, choke.......). Suspension, I'll do that anyday over messing with the motor. If may save you a couple bucks doing motor stuff first but it'll cost you a ton more later. Can't change the tranny to a better one either for cheap in the Evo
You are very misinformed on the Evo. It is a different car than past Mitsus made in the US. It is made on a "slow line" in Japan. You must not have much experience with cars to be sticking with the suspension vs. motor mod debate.
Also, why would you change the tranny in the Evo?? It is VERY strong. It is even improved over the Evo VII with better double/triple synchros, etc. It is a very good tranny with proper gear spacing that is good at keeping the Evo in its powerband. No need for a 6-speed..6-speeds are mostly just marketing hype right now.
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