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Originally Posted by azscooby View Post
Zaider, the vendor I'm working with now says I'll need the r160 from a 2.5rs that has the 3.90 differential, is that correct?

I don't want to have to swap hubs, as that would mean new tires, brakes, etc...

Who's right?

I can get the tranny, rear diff and all for axles for an extra $2800 (give or take.)

Worth it? Or go for taller geared USDM STI...? But not as cheap.

This is dd for me, maybe 5 miles per day at highway speed, otherwise stop and go traffic and weekend mountain runs.
If it's the JDM six speed, it should be just like the US and need the 3.90 - they are right - you'll need the R160 from an old imprezza. Be mindful - they usually dont have limited slips. I was gonna yank the R/P from one and install in my WRX, but the LSD was shot in it, so Im running open diff in the rear.

If you go that route, you will also need an automatic driveshaft, the trans mount from the six speed.

If the trans doesnt have the right sensors, the 5 speed stuff will swap over.

I dont know how the JDM stuff worked, but your front axles can be either male or female. The trans may have stub axles - check and make sure or you will need new front axles.

If you buy the whole trans, axles and diff, you may in the clear. Im not sure on the JDM stuff - if you do the US STI, I think you'd need the knuckles and all.
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