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Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
Can anyone explain the benefit of the 2.34l in this comparison? It seems that the 2.5 is a clear winner here.

-- Ed
I think everyone already pointed out the vast differences in the setup. Also not that the EJ25 is peaked and the 2.34 is just at that plateau point.

Turn up the boost and see the peaks in the tq curve come out even more.

Originally Posted by Big_DeWeY View Post
I think the purpose of the 2.34 is rod ratio more than anything. That's something I think we can all agree that the Subaru engines lack.
It was to broaden and flatten the tq curve, yielding better timing in gear and a higher rate of averaged acceleration.

Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
This is exactly my view on the matter. The ONLY viable benefit I see from having to rev that high is to extend the gear range. Aside from that the larger displacement and less over square engine wins in every other category.

Maybe I'm missing something though.

-- Ed
Keep in mind that I originally designed the engine around a 4" bore, so now you have the EJ25 stomping ability of the 2.34 but with only a lack of 32cc. Now keep in mind the long rod bringing up the VE where you actually use your RPM.

Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
That 2.5l setup could easily go to 8k+ RPM as well. Also notice its running less boost than the 2.34 and seems to be running out of fuel up top. I just don't understand why people think the 2.5's can't rev out. They're already fairly short stroke engines so piston speeds are not a big issue.

-- Ed
Yes, they can but it doesn't mean they're 'happy' and for the same RPM you have more stress on every component in the engine with the destroked engine...oh and your crank has more flex = loss of power

Originally Posted by TDagen View Post
At 9000rpm in 4th w/2007 6mt and 26" tires how fast do you think I'll be going?
160 mph...just punched it into the spreadsheet.

To Ed,

Put simply, a lot of guys don't understand the intricacies of the destroked setups (where large companies did EJ25 development) and probably why there have been so many shops trying to knock off what Dom and I came up with but without the engineering to make it work. There is a reason I literally spent a year doing the original engineering work on the engine before the first prototype was made. Since then, Dom and I still share experiences and ideas and further develop the package. Dom didn't step out with his publicly until early 09 IIRC. Mine are still largely behind closed doors...just a hint, there are some new puzzle pieces over 10k
My largest gripe with the knock offs, other than trying to steal IP (), is that they suck at it and make the engine look bad when really it is just them and their research that sucks.

'Homemade WRX'
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