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Thanks for posting the pics!

I also just received the Subaru wiring diagrams from another 2012 owner. The HU has a diagnostics screen that mentions the rear camera input.

2012-2013 WRX/STI nav (mfg by Fujitsu Ten) [FT navs in Impreza, Crosstrek, Forester, and BRZ all have different model numbers]

Front: FW602US
Fujitsu Ten Type: FT0021A
Subaru: 86271FG600
Rear: WN60

IC: 2024B-FT0021A

The 10-pin and 6-pin harnesses are for power and speakers. Subaru is also using those for 2012-2014 Legacy/Outback models with the 'premium' HU with harman/kardon speaker/amp system. Pin-out is almost exactly the same as for recent model Toyotas.

UPDATED: Metra 70-1761 harness fits car's factory harness. That could be combined with a 71-1761 to make a "breakout" harness. Current version of the Metra 71-1761 does not fit without modification. The equivalent reverse harnesses from other manufacturers do fit (Scosche TA02RB, American International TWH-951). However, all of them lack wires on some of the pins Subaru uses.

UPDATED: I now have a combined "breakout" harness with these Toyota-style connectors available. Contact me by e-mail (not PM) for details. See the visitor message on my profile page here (click on my username).

10-pin power/speaker harness
1 2 - - 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10
(orientation: viewing pins on car's factory plug, wires pointed away from you)

1   Right Front (+)
2   Left Front (+)
3   +12V Accessory
4   +12V Battery/Constant

5   Right Front (-)
6   Left Front (-)
7   Ground
8   Power Antenna *
9   [NC]  **
10  Illumination(+)
* Pin #8 provides power to Subaru's antenna booster amp. This can not be used for the remote trigger signal for a speaker amplifier, since it is only active while in AM/FM mode. On 2012-2014 Legacy/Outback models with HU with 4.3" display (which use Toyota-style harnesses), the power antenna lead is instead on pin #4 on the 6-pin harness.

** Pin #9 is an amp remote turn-on signal on BRZ; several Subaru models with Fujitsu Ten navigation and the factory harman/kardon amplifier and speaker system (2014-2015 Forester, 2015 WRX/STi, and 2013-2014 Legacy/Outback); and some Toyota HUs. On all other Subaru models, pin #9 is dead (no-connect).

6-pin power/speaker harness
1 - - 2
3 4 5 6
(orientation: viewing pins on car's factory plug, wires pointed away from you)

1   Right Rear (+)
2   Left Rear (+)

3   Right Rear (-)
4   [NC]
5   Dimmer [Illumination(-)]
6   Left Rear (-)

The 28-pin harness is for BT mic, aux input, SWCs, reverse gear, VSS, and dimming cancellation. The connector is from the same family as the 8- 16- and 24-pin harnesses used for aux on other Subaru models/years.

28-pin SWC/aux/mic harness
1 .. 14
15 .. 28
(orientation: viewing pins on car's factory plug, wires pointed away from you)

1   [NC]
2   Reverse Gear
3   Illumination Dimmer Cancel ("Bright" mode)
4   Mic 5V power supply to mic amp (separate wire)
5   Mic Audio Input (+) (twisted w/ pin 19)
6   Mic detect (car ties this pin to chassis ground, does not connect to mic module)
7-10  [NC]
11  [NC] *
12  [NC]
13  [NC] **
14  [NC] **

15  [NC]
16  [NC]
17  VSS (Vehicle Speed Signal)
18  [NC]
19  Mic Audio Input (-) (twisted w/ pin 5)
20  [NC]
21  SWC1(+) Audio (Seek, Volume)
22  SWC2(+) Mode & Phone
23  SWC(-) Common
24  [NC] {SW3 on some Toyota HUs}
25  Aux enable
26  Aux audio Right
27  Aux audio shield/ground
28  Aux audio Left
* On some Toyota models, pin 11 is a ground used for aux enable.

** On Toyota GT86 HU TAS300 (and probably some other Toyota models), pin 13 is Aux Video Input shield/ground, and pin 14 is Aux Video Input (+) [not present on Subaru FT nav HUs]
On some 2015-2016 Subaru models, pins 11, 12, 13, and 20 are rear camera input.

16-pin rear camera socket
1 ... 8
9 ... 16
(orientation: viewing pins on car's factory plug, wires pointed away from you)

4  ?
5  ?

6  Parking brake

7  Camera +6V supply (HU sends power to OEM Camera)
8  Camera Video In

15 Ground **
16 Shield/ground

** No connection is needed on this pin.  See notes below.
Impreza/WRX/STI wiring diagrams only show the parking brake lead and a jumper from pin 4 to 5 (not sure what that's for) -- no camera wires.

ADDED: On this HU, no connection to pin 15 is required. I previously thought this was Camera Detect input (similar to a pin on the camera socket on older Subaru models). However, this HU must see a video signal from the camera during boot-up, or it will not enable the camera function. Also, it North American models always add the distance guide marker lines. You'll need a camera that doesn't have those (or where you can disable them).

You can see a few more pictures on the FCC's site (for certification, since it has a BT transceiver). Go here:
then enter the 1st 3 chars and the rest of the HU's FCC ID ("BAB" and "FT0021A"). Several of the docs have pics. See the user manual for annotated drawing of rear connectors (but only limited info on operation).

Diagnostics Mode (UPDATED)

There are two trees of "secret" dealer setup menus. Access to both trees is very similar. Once you're in one, you can't cross over to the other -- you'll have to exit and start over with the other procedure.

Tree 1 (Line Diag, Audio Check, and Rear Camera functions):
  1. Turn your key to ACCessory (no need to crank engine)
  2. Let the HU startup (get past the screen with the "Subaru" or "Toyota" logo). You can skip the navigation startup screens by pressing the AUDIO button to switch to the audio screen.
  3. Next, press and hold AUDIO first, then press and hold the other two buttons ('voice recognition' and MAP). The timing between them isn't critical, as long as you start with AUDIO and end up with all 3 pressed. An owner posted that he simply "rolled his finger down across the 3 buttons" (so your finger presses and holds each one in succession top, middle, bottom). He said that works reliably.
  4. After holding all of the buttons for about 3 seconds, you should see this "Line Diag" screen pop up:
    (Click to see larger image. Hosted by ImageShack)
  5. To exit the setup menus, press and hold either the AUDIO or VOLUME/power button for about 4 seconds, or turn off your key. The next time you turn on the HU, it will go through its boot sequence (which takes a little longer) and the navigation options setup (same as when you disconnect the battery). It still remembers your radio presets.
Tree 2 (Service Menu):
Procedure is same as above, except start with the MAP button. The timing requirement for when you need to hit the 2nd and 3rd buttons may be a little tighter for this tree.
On the Color Bars screen, you can touch each color to paint the entire screen in that color (pixel test). Touch screen anywhere to return to that menu.
See Lateralis' pictures, below.

Nav HU owner's manual PDFs are available on Subaru's site:
(Search for year and model. No registration or VIN is required)

[I'll continue editing this post as I learn more]
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