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Does anyone have an e-mail for Subaru Canada? I'd like to send them some customer feedback on the STi. I couldn't find any such email address on the web site.

Thanks to all of you guys for the info.

Sounds like we talked to the same sales person at BMW Calgary. We should get together sometime. Maybe when you get your car I'll still have my M3 and we can compare?

J Y :
Your reasoning sounds much more believable, about the HID headlights not coming to Canada because they are not DRL. The environmental issue sounded weak. I mean, xenon is a noble gas, so it's not reactive. The only issue I could think of is the step-up transformers required to run them might contain PCBs or other hazarous insulating materials.

The way the M3 works, it comes with three sets of lights, fogs, bi-xenons, and halogens. The bi-xenons do high and low beams by adjusting the angle of the lens. The old high-beams remain in-place as halogens, and they act both as DRLs and also as "flash" high beams when you pull the headlight stick to flash your high beams.

If the STi comes were to come with 2 separate HIDs as some documentation has shown, there would be no halogens to use as DRLs. You'd have to run HIDs during the day. I'm not sure if this is a mechanical problem. I know I run my HIDs on all the time, day or night, and no problems. I think they just need the circuit to turn them on.

I wonder if the Canada STi is really getting a price break because it does not have HIDs. Retal price for the parts on my M3 would be over $4k cdn, light assemblies plus the electrical assemblies. A $500 stereo in return hardly seems equivalent.

Normally, I wouldn't care so much about HIDs. Some car's halogens are quiet good. But I've gotten so used to them in the M3 that when I go back to my Honda it seems like I'm driving with the headlights off... and that's after upgrading to higher output bulbs in the Honda.
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