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Originally Posted by verendia View Post
well obviously newer cars should always outperform older models but the 22b is the only 2 door impreza widebody. Def sexier than all those R and spec cs in my opinion.

and modded would decimate all (dont think anyone can touch this car)

yeah, but i still won't pay $30K for one... the last one i saw for sale from this link is average at $25K-$30K. i rater just build a wide body gc8 with a Spec C motor and 6spd tranny swap in it. doing that is still cheaper and so much better than just buying a 22B.

and i do agree that the gobstopper is somewhat untouchable. but that car cost way more than just $50K. if you buy a Spec C or RA-R and you dropped another $20K to $30K into it.. you'll have something at the same level as the gobstopper. and i think that it's all driver too... the average person can't drive like that. you put Tazan Yamada behind the wheel in Tazan's Cusco Impreza vs the gobstopper at the same circuit... i think it will be a good race.

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