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yes, the are avaible in Japan and some places in Europe... i have been living here in Japan since 99.. and only seen a hand full of these cars. now i ask you this kribykirb... have you seen any these cars rolling up to the average 7 eleven or to the local familymart/lawson or at local gas stations? have you seen any of these rolling on the streets in America or even in Japan? it's not everyday you'll see these cars out and about. i don't know if you have been to Japan. but all i'm am just saying it is rare to see them hence "Rare".

i have also seen a few Ferrari's, lamborghini and other foreign sports car out there. even the new coverttes and american muscle is rare to see out in Japan. it's not rare to you if you see american muscle since they are on every street in America. but over here, it is very rare. it's like saying "the F1 Mclaren isn't rare.. i see them everyday in Germany!"
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