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It kills me that BMW is introducing new ///M branded cars with diesels, yet we can't get a utility vehicle smaller than a Super-Heavy-Duty monster pickup with a diesel engine in reasonable numbers.

A few Jeep CRDs are not a large consideration for the whole market.

I disagree with JC's assertion that electric is the future... because lithium batteries are not clean, and not cheap, and not energy dense per pound or cubic meter of space they take. And electricity has to be generated somewhere else, by some sort of fuel anyway, and inefficiently transported to your car, which takes HOURS, not minutes.

Gasoline is fine, but LP/LNG is an option.

Diesel is getting cleaner. CX5 SkyActiv Diesel is reported to not require Urea, or any other third-party diesel emissions cleanup technology. Diesel used to be a lot less controlled by being a lesser-refined fuel, before... but new diesel fuels are more homogenous hydrocarbons and less contaminated by other things suspended in the fuel that remain unburned, such as sulfur, and other things. And engines are getting more efficient at completely burning the fuel, as well.

Most of that stuff is getting expensive, not due to the commodity itself, but due to government interference in an economic process of distributing energy.
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