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Originally Posted by JC View Post
I just don't buy the need for diesel passenger cars in the US for several reasons.

1) The article neglects to mention that fuel period in Europe is far more expensive than the US. That means the return on the cost premium has a much longer time horizon in the US.

2) Electric cars are the future. Hybrids are a good way for car companies to reduce their technology risk so they see benefit outside of just sales and consumer perception.

3) Diesel engines pollute significantly more than hybrids. Given the trend towards tighter and tighter emissions (see the latest CARB standards), diesel will get to the point where it requires a lot of investment to meet new standards if it's even viable economically.

I do think diesel makes sense in light duty trucks as people value the reliability and the lower mpg with gas engines shortens the pay back period. For example why they don't sell a diesel Wrangler is something that still boggles my mind.
When you refine petroleum you end up with only so much gasoline or diesel. You can shift that equilibrium point, but end up wasting energy if you go to far. Right now the US refineries ship excess diesel to Europe and European refineries ship excess gasoline to the US. If we both attempt to go diesel heavy for the entire it simply won't work.

Good gracious Hip can we quit being hysterical about lithium batteries. The whole air exposure thing is bunk for all the types going into cars. And the volt thing only happened if you leaked all the coolant out. So if you take your car back from an accident with no radiator fluid and drive hundreds of miles what happens? Bad things happen... so in summary don't drive your car when there is no coolant.
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