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Here is the newest absolutely amazing, top notch engineered, functional piece of full win to grace my build. Another piece that belongs on a built motor beast, and is slumming it on my internally stock ej205. Killer Bee's amazing oil pan combination. I talked extensively to Chris at Killer Bee, as well as other tuners, and was torn between the other pans on the market. For the money of a new oil pan setup, I wanted to make sure I got the best, most effective end product. Killer Bee's oil pan setup comes with a lifetime warranty, beefed up oil pan pickup, no moving baffles (which can stick open with prolonged usage) and windage tray. The enlarged sump holds more oil, so it provides additional heat capacity as well as improved lubrication by its more effective design. Their baffle setup is superior on hard driven cars, where oil pooling in the heads is a serious issue. Here is an exerpt from one of the many emails between myself and Chris describing the advantages of his setup, plus his setup is compatable with my headers.

"The Subaru engine will pool oil in the outside head during cornering. Think of a cornering load the same as tipping your engine. The oil pools in the head facing the outside of the corner (or the head that's tipped downward on an engine stand/dyno). Under severe cornering, yes a flat baffle will help oil from sloshing out of the pan, BUT oil flowing from the other head can go across this baffle instead of into the bottom of the sump. Horizontal baffles also increase the amount of oil that can pool in each head before flowing back into the bottom of the sump.

Our replacement oil Baffle Windage tray and our sump's baffle are designed to direct oil downward to the sump wether it's coming from the crank or flowing back from the heads. We see spill-out as much less an issue because the heads pool oil long before oil begins to spill out of the sump.

A lot of the currently available baffling and oiling technology for Subarus are assumptions carried over from other makes/models, but just because those concepts work well on a V8, straight-6, etc., doesn't mean they are ideal on our Subaru boxer engines. Don't get me wrong here, some products are better than others and most are better than the factory bits. Our products come from a 'what's the problem, why and test, test, test philosophy'. We run CAD simulations, dyno testing and track testing to verify a design before its release."

Thank you Chris/Killer Bee for the amazing product. Amazing finished product, well thought out design, great ability to communicate with the end customer and take the time to lay out the benefits of your design. Thank you so much for the time you took to get me a finished product perfect for my goals. Highly recommend looking at Killer Bee for your Subaru needs, and very affordable to boot.

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