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Originally Posted by SubeySTi2011 View Post
We should see if Lutz Performance would want to have a tech day with the Subey crew! Where if not mechanically inclined can learn something and can be of some help. I know I will be ordering and installing some BC coilovers soon and I'm always down to teach or let someone watch for an install. Knowledge is power and having a good shop to help is always a good thing.

I know this is something we did with the
FL 350Z club and it was a great help to all and a fun day of watching cars get modified and the pride of installing parts while having a shop/mechanic there in case you get stuck or just having someone with the knowledge to help.

For Lutz Performance when it comes to fabrication they are very good. I have know there lead fabricator Shawn for years and grew up together. I have seen his work and it is absolutely amazing! Definitely who I will have make me an
intake when I go rotated turbo.
Let me bring this up in our next staff meeting, I will add more info after we have made a decision.

Originally Posted by Drews View Post
I agree with you, in fact we just had the clutch word done on our LGT because I broke the CV axle and decided I didn't want to deal with it. That and the trans was fused to the block and I don't have the tools (man strength + trans jack) to get the job done. Luckily we are fortunate enough to have more than one car to drive (5) if I take another one off the road. But I've also been sitting on a project for over a year that I now need to tote to Tampa. I was more curious as to why someone would give negative feedback about a shop without giving any reason why or promoting another with no justification. But I've also been a believer in the community helping eachother out if someone wants to do the work themselves. I hosted an install day at my house and we have 20+ cars show up.

Here are a couple pics:

This is what I like to do. I love hosting I provide the beer everyone else brings snacks/parts and people get their hands dirty.

But to get back on topic... @Lutz what services do you guys provide exactly?
We are a full service/performance facility. Not only do we install or repair parts, we also do custom fabrication, rotated setups, grounding kits...etc

As a matter of fact we offer Track Side Support, we are loading up the trailer right now with 2 Porsche's that we are hauling today to Sebring for the PCA 48hr event this weekend.

The Trailer
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