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Originally Posted by quoiasdaddy View Post
I just got my ECU and new V2 AP back from Cobb. I had to send in my ECU to be recovered because when I tried to flash Stg 2 with my old V1 a bad battery caused it to get stuck and thus throwing all kinds of CELs and basically rendering the ECU useless. Anyway it is now fixed and ready to go back in my car. Once I put the ECU back in should I run the car stock for awhile before I flash to Stg 2? My only mods are a turboback that I recently had installed. MY car is an 02 WRX and I just don't want to cause any more problems. So my question is can I flash it right away or should I run it stock for a couple days before I flash it? I just don't want to mess anything up again so I want to be safe, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Waiting to flash isn't going to make the process more or less reliable. You should reflash to the stage 2 mapping right away as you should not be running the stock mapping when you are at stage 2 as far as mods. That is assuming you fixed the original issue (bad car battery). If you have not fixed that issue, then I would not reflash until you have (drive very conservatively until then).

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