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Originally Posted by waramp View Post

Also will you be shipping priority mail to make up the delay if this takes much longer?

Originally Posted by Stikshift View Post
I may make the most noise but in the end im right. Granted yes they may have a big order to make, and i understand that. However, were paying customers just like everyone else. We should have just as much priority as the customers entering the shop personally. We were told this should ship out in 4-6, weeks. Fine, we waited 4-6 weeks. Now were on to almost 3 months. Sure patience works, and if he had originally stated that this may take over 3 months to receive my product, than I would be more patient. And im glad to hear that money seems to grow on trees for you, but it doesnt for me. So for my $136 dollars, I want my product in the time told, or my money back..I wont just "b out of $136".

I do strongly believe that the Vendor placed all orders necessary and this is quite possibly beyond their control. However, I do think that this could be approached by the vendor differently....My .02
Alright. I think we need to step back a bit and put things into perspective with some fact, rather than just sit back and allow you to exaggerate yourself into a situation of panic here. I truly intend no disrespect or level of confrontation here, but something needs to be said. Otherwise, it just sounds like you enjoy blowing the situation out of proportion.

How would you approach the situation differently if you had 40 people waiting for an item and the manufacturer is taking a little bit longer than initially anticipated? Would you post the exact same update every single day for each person subscribed to the post to have a sense of false hope ignite within them only to find that oh... it's just the same member asking for the same update? Do you really feel that's a reasonable approach? Nobody is walking away with your $136. You, as well as everyone else on this thread, will receive their spoilers when they get here and no amount of daily bumping will make a single difference as to when you receive yours.

The mass order for these items was placed on December 06, 2011. That's 8 weeks, or 2 months. Not 3 months. There was an entire month of the taking orders and keeping the group buy open. So you have not been waiting for 3 months.

Yes, you've been waiting beyond the initially estimated 4-6 week window, but things happen that cause delays, and being in the distribution position that we are in limits what we're able to do to expedite things. We've already planned to ship out everyone's order via priority mail, so that should help ease the waiting time a little bit.

I'm having a very difficult time grasping how you feel that you're receiving any less priority than a walk-in customer at our shop. You do understand that these spoilers are being manufactured overseas and that we're still waiting for them to arrive, correct?

I'd strongly encourage that you come to grips with the situation and understand that we are not sitting on these items. They are on order and should be arriving shortly, this has been the case for the last couple of weeks and I've tried to explain it to you in as many different ways as I can. We're not scam artists. You can feel free to call, email, pm or even stop by. The story won't change and you will have your spoiler shortly.

Don't get me wrong, we appreciate your participation in this group buy and value your business just as much as the next client, but when you take things to a point of exaggerated wait times and question our integrity, the line gets drawn.

Originally Posted by Mr.Tech7 View Post
Lol really this item(s) will get here when it gets here... Im not throwin hate but I just find it funny how the same guy seems to make the most noise!!!

To everyone thats concerned call up the shop!!! BUT they hav a large order to fill, with diff options... Im not reppin the shop but I know how group buys work.. The shop(s) make a certain amont of $$ on taken large orders. Honestly sometimes orders are fullfilled quickly n orther times its takes a while.......

Hey if Im out $136.00 (n others out same amount or less) so b it, BUT I strongly think in this case alil patience will do the trick..

This is my 0.02!!
^ It's refreshing to read a post from someone who sees the situation for what it is. I'm certain that over 95% of the people on the list understand this and are patiently waiting. We've done business with this manufacturer before and nobody will lose any money, it was just unforeseen delays, and we apologize for that.

I appreciate the vote of confidence. We're VERY close.
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