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Last week I found this forum post to be very helpful when I was installing my Parrot Bluetooth MKI 9200 in my Subaru Impreza 2010.

However I wanted to make a note that I decided to try and skip taking the dash off from the right side. Turns out the trim around the stereo is easier to get off than I thought. I just used my fingernails and started to work behind the grey trim (starting from the top). It popped right off. Just make sure you have your car warmed up. If it's cold out like it was for me (living in Colorado) then you'll want that plastic and the clips to be warmed up so they don't snap off when you're working with all the plastic.

Thanks for the great tutorial and images! Just thought I'd share my experience of skipping the first few steps. I had my Parrot installed in about 2 hours. Nice and fast!

Originally Posted by wkderf View Post
ist thing to to is remove the side panel to access the corner of the dash trim:

once that is removed, you can grab the edge of the dash trim piece:

from here, you can pull on the edge of the trim piece & air vent & the clips will start to pop off:

here is where is gets tricky: the way the trim piece clips in, you have to pull very carefully to get it off the car. i found pulling up then down got the upper & lower clips off. this was one of the toughest parts.

in this pic, you can see the slots that the tabs from the trim piece fits into:

what sucks is that the bezel that surrounds the radio can be removed without getting this mazzive trim piece off, but the clips are soooo tight, and there is no place to get a grip on the bexel piece to remove it by itself.

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