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Originally Posted by spoolinsti05 View Post
You can remove the transmission and rear diff and leave the axles in the hubs that's a trick of mine I've learned.
Im trying to pull an engine and trans together, and the axles are giving me problems. How do you get them to seperate from the trans once you have the entire assembly in the air?

Originally Posted by spoolinsti05 View Post
Cant seat transmission? Checked everything? Try turning the motor over while having someone push in on the trans. Sometimes the splines wont line up perfect.
I have learned an easy trick for aligning the splines. once you get the engine close, and make sure the angles are right, the engine cant be tilted relative to the trans at all, I normally put a jack under the trans to accomplish this. Simply spin the crank shaft using a 22mm socket on the main bolt that holds the harmonic dampener on. Turn it a tiny bit, and try pushing the engine together, if it doesn't go, turn the crank a bit more. simple. (obviously this is if you aren't using a lift, and pulled the engine not the trans.)

Originally Posted by spoolinsti05 View Post
pb blaster and big end channel lock pliers works great on exhaust hangers. Especially the heavy duty pita ones.
Pick up a set of THESE. They work amazing for exhaust hangers.

My tricks:

-Keep a putty knife handy when separating an engine from the trans. I have one that has the metal running all the way through the handle, so I can hit it with a hammer, to get that first crack between the engine and trans. 9 times out of ten, what you will be stuck on is the guide pins, so focus on separating the area around the pins.

-You dont need to disconnect the AC or PS pumps to pull an engine, if you simply remove the pumps from the engine lines attached, you can get enough room to pull the engine.

-Radiator fan Plugs have a pull style key. you dont squeeze the connector, you have to pull the key away from the connector.

-Dont be afraid to use a flat blade screw driver to help you pull apart stuck connectors.
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