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Default Dash 021 O ring compatibility

Originally Posted by 68Cadillac View Post
Master O-ring & Part Replacement List
To completely rebuild this guy you'll need the following:

1 - AS568A Dash Number 136 O-ring (not Square Cross Section just normal round)
1 - AS568A Dash Number 037 O-Ring
1 - AS568A Dash Number 021 O-Ring
1 - AS568A Dash Number 017 O-Ring (behind the 'hex bolt')
1 - AS568A Dash Number 015 O-Ring
3 - AS568A Dash Number 014 O-Rings (that's three total for full replacement)
1 - AS568A Dash Number 013 O-Ring
1 - Bearing 12mm depth x 17mm id x 40mm od (range in prices from $6 to $106 from McMaster)
1 - Oil Bearing Shaft Seal 20 I.D. x 32 O.D. and <=9.3 mm in width.

Regarding the Seal: I found one at P/N 20X32X8-MOS/D which looks like it would excel as a replacement. I haven't tested it. The I.D and O.D. need to be exact. The width just needs to be <=9.3mm. Also a report of Carquest seal PN# SLS 222020 OR INTERCHANGE # AE0997E0 WORKS GREAT for the shaft seal.

BeratE put together a list of the Part Numbers for the FEP encapsluated O-rings and a great bearing from McMaster in this post.
Thanks for the very informative write up. I am currently trying to rebuild my pump and bought all the O rings according to the list you have made and it saved me a lot of troubles.

I would like to bring to your attention to this particular O ring that I have troubles with - AS568A Dash Number 021 O-Ring

I compared the new O ring against the old O ring taken out from the pump and noticed that the new O ring is visually thinner than the old. I understand that most of the guys here have already rebuilt their pump using the list you mentioned and have no issues. Just thought maybe I should share my discovery with you guys.

Left 'O' ring - Old taken out from pump
Right 'O' ring - New

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