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Originally Posted by RALLYT-WRX View Post
Acceleration in a straight line is not a big concern for me.

The BRZ was built as a low slung sports car that is easily tossable on a road course. The WRX was built for all weather performance driving (Rally).

These cars were built with two completely different philosophy's in mind, so it's pointless to compare the two.
Acceleration isn't my priority either, and I agree the cars have different foci.

And to clarify, no one should draw conclusions from any of this... I've been posting purely because it's fun to speculate and compare.

Originally Posted by Calamity Jesus View Post
The WRX has a fantastic launch and a low 1/4mi thanks to the AWD... it also has poor trap speeds.

As for the comparison, I don't see why it's so hard to believe that the lighter 170whp car could be as fast if not faster.
My previous post was poorly worded; it's not that I don't think the BRZ will be faster than the 2.0L WRX... I expect the BRZ to have better top-end, and if launched abusively might even almost match it in the 1/4 mile. I'm just surprised how much of an advantage that plot gave the BRZ.

I think part of the problem is that published power curves often show more low-end than dynos. So I plotted again, but this time vs the BRZ dyno screencap. Because the scale of the dyno screencap is unknown, and the curve doesn't quite match the published dyno, some guesswork is needed. Here's what a couple users speculated at ft86club:

Because it has significantly more midrange output than the published curve, I'm dismissing it as unrealistic.

Next up are plots using a more conservative estimate of the screencap scale. It's also questionable because some runs appear to go way past 7500 RPM (but I didn't use them):

This is more like what I've been expecting all along, at least in the mid and high RPM range. This as probably the worst case scenario, and I won't be surprised if it's in-between this and the other plots.

Again, all of this is speculative.

Here are plots with the conservative dyno scale vs the current GTI and WRX:

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